Remi Gaillard’s Epic Trolls And Pranks

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If there’s one thing you’d learn from Remi Gaillard, it’s that “your loss could be your ticket to greatness.”  Though not everyone is as lucky as the others, we have to believe that we are in control of our own destiny and that luck plays a very little role in the grand scheme of things.  Remi started doing pranks after losing his job at a shoe store, and I bet he didn’t have the slightest idea how it would change his life forever.

Remi Gaillard is a prankster of epic proportions. From pretending to be a snail in the middle of a busy intersection to a hanging clown, Remi knows no bounds when it comes to making a ruckus just for laughs.

Remi Gaillard’s Epic Trolls And Pranks

We can presume that it’s due to frustration after losing his job that made him decide to do crazy things out of boredom, and eventually turned out to be the greatest idea he stumbled upon, or it could be due to some other reasons.  Whatever it is, Remi Gaillard showcased his genius in these hilarious videos.  You can see it as a job if he’s making good money from it, but one thing’s for sure – this is one heck of a fun way to get rich!  Here’s a list of Remi Gaillard’s most unforgettable pranks that entertained the world.

1. World Champion Volleyball Team Prank

World Champion Volleyball Team Prank | Remi Gaillard's Epic Trolls And Pranks

Image via Rémi GAILLARD

Remi Gaillard hurriedly comes down from the stands dressed like one of the players and joins them in the photo shoot.  It’s amazing that nobody from the team  noticed him as he also went to the other side and did high fives with the opponents.  The team’s coach confirmed their uniform isn’t out for sale so they have no idea where Remi got it from.

2. Remi Gaillard Pranks Lorient-Bastia’s Final Cup

Lorient-Bastia's Final Cup | Remi Gaillard's Epic Trolls And Pranks

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Remi is wearing a fake jersey and sneaks in between the players as they celebrate Lorient-Bastia’s Final for the French Cup.  He is just spectacular as he did some interviews and ran all over the field with the players.  The fans really thought he was one of them that he even signed autographs after the game.

3. Mr. Universe 2002 Prank

Mr. Universe 2002 Prank | Remi Gaillard's Epic Trolls And Pranks

Image via Rémi GAILLARD

In the Mr. Universe 2002, Remi successfully entered the dressing room unnoticed.  After a few warm-ups, he lined up with the contestants on stage and did some bodybuilding pose of his own.  He also managed to go to  the winner’s platform for his final pose before security got him.

4. Pirate Remi Gaillard

Pirate Remi Gaillard | Remi Gaillard's Epic Trolls And Pranks

Image via Rémi GAILLARD

Remi is dressed as a pirate and goes stealing another man’s speed boat who tried to help him.  Another scene shows him holding a treasure map and stopped in front of two sexy sunbathing women.  He starts to dig and finds a treasure chest filled with fake gold.  Well, of course, he buried it on that spot before people got to the beach.

5. Blind Man Prank

Blind Man Prank | Remi Gaillard's Epic Trolls And Pranks

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Remi pretends to be a blind man with his cane on the wrong side of things.  He walks up an escalator going down and goes around a circular road, so people end up scrambling to his aid.

6. Poker Playing Remi Gaillard

Poker Playing Remi Gaillard | Remi Gaillard's Epic Trolls And Pranks

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Remi is playing in a professional poker’s table and gets warned for shouting and insulting people.  A few minutes pass and he called out the floor manager just to tell him he might shout again for having a good hand of cards.  So he has three of a kind and goes all in, wins the round and shouts “Who’s The Boss?”  Oh man!  That’s epic Remi Gaillard.

7. Clown Prank

Clown Prank | Remi Gaillard's Epic Trolls And Pranks

Image via Rémi GAILLARD

Remi, dressed as a clown, is in the middle of the road trying to hang himself.  A man gets out of his car and tries so hard to comfort the troubled clown. Just as the man thought he was succeeding, Remi threw a whole layer of pie onto the man’s face before he ran.

Watch this funny clown prank by Rémi GAILLARD.

We can certainly pick up a thing or two from this renowned trickster Remi Gaillard. And that is to always find the “fun” in every sticky situation you’re in. Laughter is definitely the best medicine there is. Just as long as your pranks and tricks don’t go too far at the expense of anyone unlike some of Remi’s pranks. Live your life to the fullest, and live it out loud. Just as what Remi Gaillard has been doing. Got any of your own pranks and tricks up your sleeves?

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