Every Man’s Music Festival Tips And Tricks


You probably know what to expect after attending your first music festival, and I bet you learned a lot from that experience.  The fun is always there but there can be a few things you wish you have thought about.  For the first timers, by all means, enjoy your time. But a little bit of research on music festival tips and tricks will help you enjoy your next show better.

Miami Ultra Festival | Every Man's Music Festival Tips And Tricks

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Every Man’s Music Festival Tips And Tricks

Essential Tips For Surviving Music Festivals

Life is all about fun when you’re young and energetic.  Part of being the “youngster” of today’s generation is going to music festivals, such as “Coachella“. You get to listen to good music and forget the real world for a while, but things can really go wrong if you’re unprepared.  There are things that you don’t really expect to happen until you get there and you have to learn the hard way – makes you wish you did your homework first.  So to all fresh music festival goers out there, allow me to share these music festival tips to help you survive your first music fest escapade.

1. Lay out your schedule

Lay out your schedule | Every Man's Music Festival Tips And Tricks

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This tip is crucial.  If you plan to watch different artists, it’s important to know when and where they’re playing. Conflicts on schedule might force you to choose one over the other.  Maximize your time by planning ahead especially when you’re with friends.

2. Weather Protection

Weather Protection | Every Man's Music Festival Tips And Tricks

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The weather plays a big role in festivals, particularly for outdoor venues.  It is critical to be prepared with sunblock, hats, and sunglasses for protection from the heat of the sun, or jackets and boots for the cold nights.

3. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes | Every Man's Music Festival Tips And Tricks

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Who doesn’t want to look attractive in a music fest?  No one, of course!  But think of all the walking you have to do the whole time.  Be creative and still look good by planning what to wear beforehand.  The last thing you need is a bruise or blister on either foot that’ll surely ruin the entire experience.

4. Bring a phone charger or power bank

Music festivals have phone charging stations, but the huge crowds might give you problems. That’s when a power bank comes in handy.  You don’t want to miss out on a good selfie if your cell phone battery runs down.

5. Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated | Every Man's Music Festival Tips And Tricks

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Yes, we all want to indulge in some beer as we’re swaying to our tunes.  The problem is that alcohol is dehydrating and outdoor festivals mostly keep you out in the sun for long periods of time.  Have a bottle of water with you at all times as your body needs nourishment in these situations.

Check out this video of last year’s Coachella trailer.

Being in a music festival can be fun and liberating with all that fresh air, luscious food, and great music.  Whether you’re prepared or not, it’s going to be an unforgettable time. These tips will not be enough as you will be able to formulate your own based on your experience.

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