Men’s Fashion | Learn How to Wear Men’s Jewelry Correctly

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Are you one of those guys who don’t feel comfortable wearing jewelry? Well, I think it’s cool if you know the type of jewelry you should wear and how you’re supposed to wear it. You probably think this sort of thing is suitable only for women, but you’re wrong. Give yourself a chance to see and appreciate some men’s jewelry fashion tips.

Men’s jewelry are not only limited to earrings and rings, but they also cover bracelets, necklaces, and even cuff links. Knowing how to rock these pieces can make any wardrobe look spectacular. But knowing what to wear is just half the battle. You need to mix and match these men’s jewelry pieces to the right ensemble, otherwise, you’d look like a pimped out mannequin.

Men’s Fashion | Learn How to Wear Men’s Jewelry Correctly

Men’s Jewelry Fashion Tips For The Average Joe

Men all over the world have actually accepted and embraced the idea of wearing jewelry as a fashion statement, though quite a few still think it’s not a real man’s “thing.” Well, I say it’s simply a matter of personal opinion that we all should respect. What’s cool for me may not seem cool to you, but you have to admit that every time Johnny Depp shows out in public looking like a sleek version of “Captain Jack Sparrow,” his style spells out two words in bold letters – “You Rock!” And I bet even guys who don’t believe in wearing jewelry couldn’t agree with me more. So it’s either you absolutely have no love for style, or maybe you’re just not too confident about your idea of accessorizing. You can’t keep that confidence locked up for a whole lot of good reasons dude, so allow me to rub some of mine by laying out these fashion tips for men’s style of jewelry.

1. Watches

Watches | Men’s Fashion | Learn How to Wear Men’s Jewelry Correctly

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Watches used to be more of a functional piece before everyone on earth had cellphones. For this reason, it has somewhat fallen into the jewelry category although luxury watches already existed way back. But your watch doesn’t have to be a Rolex to be in style – The simpler, the better. A timepiece with roman numerals or regular numbers and leather straps is good enough for business and casual.

2. Cufflinks

Cufflinks | Men’s Fashion | Learn How to Wear Men’s Jewelry Correctly

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Cufflinks are a very interesting type of jewelry for men. A small detail that basically holds the cuff together and brings an accent to what we normally wear. It’s not something that can easily be noticed unless you’re engaged in a close conversation, but a great way to accentuate your wardrobe especially if you’re dressed for business.

3. Rings

Rings | Men’s Fashion | Learn How to Wear Men’s Jewelry Correctly

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If you’re a married man, then a wedding ring is one jewelry you need to wear. But if you’re single and your preferred jewelry is a ring, I suggest choosing a simple design and not the intricate ones. As a personal choice, I’ve never worn any other ring except for a few plain silver ones. It perfectly suits my idea of men’s jewelry.

4. Necklaces

I’ve always wanted to wear a dog tag but I didn’t serve in the military so it’s kind of inappropriate. Other types of necklaces for men include chain necklaces, pendant necklaces, and beaded necklaces – whoever started using beads for a necklace is a genius. Most guys don’t really expose the dangling part that has become a standard, so if you’re wondering, “why hide the pendant?” I believe that a great majority of men wear jewelry that gives meaning or symbolizes something – I myself think there’s no need to flaunt.

5. Bracelets

Bracelets | Men’s Fashion | Learn How to Wear Men’s Jewelry Correctly

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I’m actually more of a wristwatch person and I think one type of jewelry on my wrist is good enough. But I also have a silver chain bracelet which was given to me as a gift, a beaded and a small leather one that I bought. When I lost my watch I just felt like I needed something on my wrist to replace it, and guess what? Not to brag but the bracelets did look good on my wrist, though I don’t wear them all at once. I choose whichever fits my clothing style for the day.

Here’s a video by The Grommet that you definitely have to watch about cufflinks.

You might notice that these tips convey simplicity in wearing men’s jewelry. Well, that’s my style, I’m a simple guy, and I don’t want to look too flashy. But this is supposed to give you the needed boost in your confidence that it’s perfectly okay for men to wear jewelry. I believe in my style and I think it’s awesome! You probably think my style sucks, that you have a better one in mind, and I don’t care. What I care about is for you stop holding back and unleash your sense of fashion. Time for you to shine dude!
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