Nate Diaz: A Full Camp For The Rematch

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How many people gave Nate Diaz a winning chance in UFC 196?  He was up against “The Notorious” and to be honest, I didn’t think he would finish the first round.  I was proven wrong as I watched a bloodied Nate Diaz turn the tides 51 seconds near the end of the second round.  A clearly exhausted McGregor took a series of bombs from Diaz that wobbled the Irishman and placed him at a serious disadvantage on the mat. This made way for Diaz to win via submission.

Nate Diaz: A Full Camp For The Rematch

I think Nate Diaz is one of the most underrated fighters in the UFC. Nate is the younger brother of UFC star, Nick Diaz. Nate always followed his lead since they were boys. Nate’s boxing and Jiu Jitsu skills came pretty natural for him, even though his brother was leagues away from him. At blue belt and 19 years of age, he was already tapping out opponents with an equally skillful boxing that won him Season 5 of the Ultimate Fighter.

With Nate Diaz in full training camp for the rematch and Conor Mcgregor obsessed with fighting him again, fight fans could not wait to see how this rematch is going to unfold in UFC 202.

Here’s a video of Nate Diaz training camp by ROAD 2 WAR.

Nate Diaz shadow box in his training for the McGregor rematch. The Ultimate Fighter 5 winner talked about his no-meat diet as he prepares for the match. He claimed in an interview with Men’s Journal, “If anything, meat’s gonna slow you down”.

Nate Diaz | Nate Diaz: A Full Camp For The Rematch

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The press gathered during an open training for Diaz leading to the fight. The 31-year-old fighter prepares for the much-anticipated rematch and showcases his fast and powerful kicks and jabs that wowed the crowd.

Nate Diaz 2 | Nate Diaz: A Full Camp For The Rematch

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More photos of the open workout of Nate Diaz as he was captured hitting the mitts in training for his rematch with McGregor at UFC 202.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Diaz’s fitness trainer Damian Gonzalez revealed how intense their workouts were.

“Two workouts per day – if there’s a third, it’s because it’s weights day or yoga day,” he said.

Nate Diaz 3 | Nate Diaz: A Full Camp For The Rematch

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A lot of people thought of this as an accidental blockbuster fight but Diaz was a serious threat for McGregor all along.  He’s bigger, taller, talented, and one of the toughest fighters in the UFC.  Conor grew tired of throwing those heavy blows with a Diaz that just won’t go down.  Nate eventually found an opening that would be the key to the greatest victory of his career.  And I think he was so eager to say his piece at the post-fight interview when he said, “I’m not surprised…” So now, who do you think will win the next fight? Place your bets and get ready to witness an action-packed night inside the octagon.

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