Long Hairstyles Women Love On Men

I’ve listed down the only long hairstyles for men you need to know. And maybe try. So read on…

Long hairstyles are a pretty tricky style code. While women need to make this style consistently fresh and exciting, the challenge of long hairstyles on men is to keep it masculine and seemingly effortless. Because isn’t that what women look for in men’s overall style? Masculinity that exudes without trying too hard.

So if you’re going for this sexy yet risque style code, I’ve got you covered. I’ve listed down the only long hairstyles for men you need to know. And maybe try. So read on.

Long Hairstyles Women Love On Men

Going for long hair is a challenging style move. You can’t make it too short, and you can’t make it too long as well. There’s always the question of whether or not your face’s shape and features match well with the style. Not to mention, are you really confident enough to pull it off?

Let me walk you through women’s top choices for men’s long hairstyles so you’ve got an idea what you’re getting yourself into. Or what you’re missing.


1. The Surfer ‘Do

Trust me from experience, it’s every woman’s summer fantasy to run her fingers through a surfer’s mane. However, the key to rocking this look is to keep it low maintenance. Ask your barber to keep the length of the back a little longer than your neck. But have him layer the front to give you hair as wavy as the seas.


2. The Manly Ponytail

The manly ponytail gives women the impression that a man is humble and far from vain. Your woman also won’t have to worry about you taking too long to get ready. All you need is to keep your hair up to shoulder length to maintain a manly ponytail.


3. The Man Bun

The younger crowd or the millennials, as we know them today, have a knack for the man bun. Compared to the ponytail, the man bun is more high maintenance. You gotta do the extra step of gathering your hair to the top of your head and tying them all together. But it doesn’t stop there, you gotta make it into a bun instead of a simple ponytail.


4. The Thor Look

Shoulder length layered hair gathered in a half ponytail has Thor written all over it. It helps if your hair is a little on the wavy or curly side. And if you wanna go full on Thor, let your beard grow out for that demi-god vibe.


Find out the best ways to make the most out of your long hair with this video by GQ:


While a good barber can help you rock any of these long hairstyles, it also pays to ask your lady what look she’d love to see on you. Because whether you like it or not, she is the boss, isn’t she?


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Interested in any of these long hairstyles? Let me know by leaving a comment or to below!


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