The Top Women Superheroes You Never Knew About

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Women superheroes are those kick-ass heroines who level up with the male protagonist superheroes on the big screen. They star in these fiction movies mostly as just love interests, side-kicks or minor villains to the leading male superheroes. Don’t we wish we have these bold and dauntless women superheroes front and center in their own respected DC or Marvel movie adaptation?

The Top Women Superheroes You Never Knew About

These top women superheroes easily outshine even their greatest male counterparts. Born with powers, capabilities, and even charming personalities, these women have not only changed the way comics are done, but they serve as inspiring role models for everyone. From cameos to name-drops, their names may be mentioned anywhere within the film as an important cast of character, or may be given the catchy punchlines, or their grand entrance accompanied with the most moving soundtrack, still they’ll never be the lead character of the story.

So, I rounded up my favorite picks of the top women superheroes. You may know them and you may not. In my opinion,  they should be starring as leads in their own movies (*cough* Miss Marvel *cough*). Who knows, their movies might be included in the most anticipated Hollywood flicks  that will hit the theaters in the next few months.

1. Hit Girl

Hit Girl | The Top Women Superheroes You Never Knew About

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Hit Girl, or also known as Mindy McCready, stars as a supporting female superhero character in the movie and comic series, Kick-Ass. This ruthless crime-fighting super-girl was first introduced as an apprentice for her super dad with a reputation. A lot of positive feedback from fans led to the character thus gave birth to her comic series in 2012 as Hit Girl. The character was played by the fantastic Chloe Grace Moretz in the movie. She also plans to continue to star in what could be a tailor-made movie for a box-office success.

2. Rogue

Rogue | The Top Women Superheroes You Never Knew About

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Rogue is one of the female X-Men superheroes who is a favorite among a lot of fans. This compelling superhero character has seen plenty of exposure through a comic book media, however,  eluded a movie solo feature over the years.

3. Bat Girl

Bat Girl | The Top Women Superheroes You Never Knew About

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Many may not have known that Bat Woman had a sidekick of her own. The history of Bat Girl dates all the way back to 1961 when she was first introduced as Betty Kane, the niece of Kathy Kane, also known as Bat Woman. Bat Girl continues to assist the citizens of Gotham City under a variety of superhero characters over the years. Yet this female heroine has yet to receive a film of her own.

4. Psylocke

Psylocke | The Top Women Superheroes You Never Knew About

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Fans were thrilled yet disappointed when Olivia Munn brought Psylocke to life in an unforgettable yet brief appearance in the 2016’s X-Men Apocalypse movie. This female mutant ninja assassin is one of the most notorious and captivating female X-Men superheroes in the Marvel Universe, and yet this character’s complex backstory will still need to find itself in a standalone movie in the later years to come.

5. She-Hulk

She Hulk | The Top Women Superheroes You Never Knew About

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She-Hulk is the smart and sexy cousin of Dr. Bruce Banner who has proven to be more than a capable heroin in her comic book iterations, but not to most movie fans. This gigantic but charming woman superhero appeared in a number of Marvel animated series over the years but regrettably,  still fall short in capturing some of the fans interests.

6. Power Girl

Power Girl | The Top Women Superheroes You Never Knew About

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Power Girl’s popularity has risen in the past few years, but some may not be able to recognize her as the famous counterpart of Supergirl. Power Girl’s real name is Kara Zor-El. Power Girl is a DC Comics superheroine and the cousin of Superman coming from an alternative universe.

7. Starfire

Starfire | The Top Women Superheroes You Never Knew About

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Starfire is one of DC’s most immediately identifiable members. She’s an alien superhero from the planet Tamara with the powerful ability to harness solar energy. Most of Teen Titan fans have particularly picked up on Starfire’s on and off relationship with the Teen Titan’s leader Dick Grayson, also known as Robin.

8. Storm

Storm | The Top Women Superheroes You Never Knew About

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Storm must be one of X-Men’s prime team members, as one of Professor X’s elite and trusted mutant comrades. Yet this beloved female X-Men superhero has seen mostly supporting character roles in films starting from the very first X-Men film. Halle Berry and Alexandra Shipp, who have played Ororo Munroe, a.k.a. Storm, have both portrayed the role in convincingly Storm-like fashion.

9. Raven

Raven | The Top Women Superheroes You Never Knew About

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Raven is another DC Comics character who has grown to become quite popular to many young audiences in recent years. First introduced in the 2003 Teen Titans animated series, Raven is actually half-human, half-demon. This young lass certainly possesses enough backstory drama to carry her own film.

10. Ms. Marvel

Ms Marvel | The Top Women Superheroes You Never Knew About

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The character of Ms. Marvel was created back in 1968. Carol Danvers was a security officer for the USAF before she got her superpowers from an explosion. This explosion melded hers and Captain Marvel’s DNA. Now she’s blessed with a wide range of powers including super-strength, flight, super-speed and photonic blasts.

11. Black Widow

Black Widow, also known as Natalia Alianovna Romanova or Natasha Romanoff should have escaped her supporting role position long ago. Appearing in a lot of Marvel films has given this female superhero character a lot of exposure yet she still hasn’t got her chance to shine in a solo spotlight. Scarlett Johansson has repeatedly proved herself more than worthy of portraying the most renowned lethal female Avenger to hit the movie screens.


Watch this short video by Clipocalypse of the Black Widow in action from the Avengers.

Do you agree with our list? A lot of these awesome women superheroes were set in the background. Now they are out of the spotlight in most superhero films. They need more fans to notice them and to entreat for their solo spotlight in the silver screen. Lucky for the DC and Marvel Comics fans for getting to know these unsung women superheroes early on, compared to the movie fans who simply rely on the film producers’ adaptation of these fascinating characters. But it is never too late to hope that we’ll get to see them as the lead characters on the big screen soon!


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