Relationship Advice For Men – How To Deal With Insecurity

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Insecurity allows a person to see negative in almost every situation which brings us to the question – how can one possibly live with that?  Life is supposed to be merry, joyful, and full of happiness.  Obviously, there’s a reason for everything and these things usually rise when dealing with the opposite sex, or when you’re in a relationship.  If you find yourself struggling with insecurity, hang on a bit as we tackle some relationship advice for men.

Insecure Guy | Relationship Advice For Men - How To Deal With Insecurity

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Relationship Advice For Men – How To Deal With Insecurity

How To Appreciate Your Own Value

We have to understand that the real world is full of adversities we all have to face.  Like being in a relationship doesn’t mean you stay madly in love forever and that nothing will ever go wrong.  You will be tested at some point then insecurities start to creep up when you don’t think you’re treated the way you should be treated.  You start to act weird and for all you know, you’re worried about something that does not even exist.  Now that’s miserable!  There are a lot of factors that contribute to being insecure but we have to be able to manage ourselves.  Like when  you tend to compare yourself to other people and start to diminish your own value, you have to ask yourself – Why am I doing this?

Do not confuse imagination with reality

The Insecure Man | Relationship Advice For Men - How To Deal With Insecurity

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Whenever we start to feel insecure, we start to imagine things. We start to imagine our partner cheating on us. We start to imagine our partner entertaining other suitors. Don’t. Just don’t. Doing this will cause you to read into the little things, even when they don’t need it. You’ll be a dynamite waiting to explode.

Don’t judge your relationship based on your past relationships

Mister Insecure | Relationship Advice For Men - How To Deal With Insecurity

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Just because you had bad experiences with your past lovers doesn’t mean that it will be same for the current one. Do not immediately assume that your current partner will cheat on you just because you had two other ex’s who cheated on you.

Consistent open communication with your partner

Open communication | Relationship Advice For Men - How To Deal With Insecurity

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We need to talk. These are four words that will bring any man down to his knees and shaking. But every relationship needs to rely on constant open communication, and this involves having two people talking and listening to one another. Through communication, you will be able to tell your partner what you’re feeling and she will help you deal with whatever it is you’re going through – and vice versa. Go ask your grandparents if you think I’m mistaken.

Check out this (hilarious yet insightful) video by alpha m. about relationship advice and insecurities

That should help you deal with insecurities in your relationship and hopefully your questions were covered. And instead of having all these insecurities, why not focus on learning about women’s body language and try to get their attention. Don’t let insecurity get the best of you. Just remember that nobody else is responsible for your own happiness except you.  Own it!

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