The Hottest Female Athletes Of Rio Olympics 2016

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Would you go out on a date with a lovely gal who can outrun you in an open field or possibly more physically capable than you are?  I don’t mind.  The Rio Olympics 2016 is underway where the best athletes on the planet are now fiercely competing to represent their countries and for sports supremacy.  Like the past, the Olympics is not only a collection of the world’s finest athletes but also a site for stunningly gorgeous and intimidating women in sports.

The Hottest Female Athletes Of Rio Olympics 2016

Women with both beauty and physical talent are a rare breed.  Fortunately, thinking men of the past have created major sporting events that gather these beauties in one place for the world to see.  Watching the top female athletes in the world try to make history as they compete has always been dramatic and inspiring even to a lot of male spectators.  When you see a pretty face that you just can’t seem to look away, do a man’s thing with such degree of difficulty – it reminds you of a woman’s strength and strange sophistication that has always left men puzzled for centuries.  Let’s take a look at the hottest female athletes at the Rio Olympics 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.

1. Amber Hill

Amber Hill | The Hottest Female Athletes Of Rio Olympics 2016

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Amber is only 18 years old and part of the British national team for skeet shooting.  Although she’s a first timer in the Olympics, Amber started shooting when she was still 10 years old. She also won gold medals in major skeet shooting international competitions.  Holy smokes!  Would it ever cross your mind that a woman this beautiful could fire a semi-automatic shotgun better than maybe ninety-five percent of the world’s male population?

2. Genevieve Lacaze

Genevieve Lacase | The Hottest Female Athletes Of Rio Olympics 2016

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Genevieve Lacaze competes in the 3000-meter steeplechase so there’s no doubt of her being a tough young lady.  She’s one of the most attractive women you will see in the Rio Olympics and yet she covers crazy mileage at a faster pace than most men.

3. Ali Krieger

Ali Krieger |The Hottest Female Athletes Of Rio Olympics 2016

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Ali Krieger was sidelined from the US soccer team in the 2012 London Olympics due to a career-threatening ACL injury.  She’s now fully recovered and was instrumental in her team’s success at the 2015 Women’s World Cup. She was also given the chance to redeem herself at this year’s Olympics in Rio.

4. Paige Selenski

Selenski is a member of the US women’s field hockey team.  She helped her team win the Gold at the Pan American games back in 2012, and on a quest to win another Gold in Rio.  Paige started playing field hockey since she was 10 years old in which she’s always been passionate about when her parents didn’t want her to play ice hockey.

5. Morgan Mitchell

Morgan Mitchell |The Hottest Female Athletes Of Rio Olympics 2016

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Morgan Mitchell is one of the most hardworking and dedicated athletes in the Olympics.  She’s a word class 400 meter sprinter from Melbourne, Australia who has never been defeated in her sport acknowledging her vegan lifestyle as a good reason for her success.  Let’s hope to see her shine in Rio and hold on to her unbeaten record.

6. Darya Klishina

Darya Klishina |The Hottest Female Athletes Of Rio Olympics 2016

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This beautiful Russian long jumper has won seven championships in her sport.  Darya Klishina is the perfect example of beauty and strength combined, willing her way to be back in shape after a foot injury disqualified her from the 2012 London Olympics.  She will now have her chance to add her name to the Olympic record books and prove that no form of adversity can overcome the power of will.

7. Aly Raisman

Aly Raisman | The Hottest Female Athletes Of Rio Olympics 2016

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Aly Raisman is no stranger to success in her field as a very talented gymnast who has won gold medals at the London Olympics and major world championships.  This gorgeous athlete from Needham, Massachusetts was only two years old when she started gymnastics.  Her longevity in the sport, as well as her youth, is key to another Olympic success this year.

8. Ana Ivanovic

Ana Ivanovic | The Hottest Female Athletes Of Rio Olympics 2016

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Ana Ivanovic was ranked 1st overall in the world in 2008. She will try to make a name for herself again in Rio.  She won the French Open in 2008, but was injured in time for the Olympics. Then along came a disappointing run in 2012.  What’s certain is her confidence never waned and she aims for another shot at the gold this year.

9. Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan |The Hottest Female Athletes Of Rio Olympics 2016

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Despite Alex Morgan’s great career, she’s more popular with her looks than anything else.  She’s a key player in the US women’s soccer team that won the gold in 2012 with her superb ball handling skills and high game IQ.  Morgan has had numerous modeling shoots which is not a surprise for this gorgeous American soccer star.


Watch beauty and skill in motion with these Alex Morgan highlights video by CaptainBlack.

With the gift of good looks, these women have chosen a different and more challenging path as opposed to what others may have settled for. The obvious demand for athletes at their level requires a highly spirited and motivated approach to succeed despite being born with extraordinary talent and skill. As a huge sports fan and as a man, I have nothing but respect for their strength without any doubt that women are equally capable as men. More power to ya’ll Olympic athletes out there and may the best come out victorious!


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